The Pendor C is an aerial dolly that can be remotely operated.

The Pendor C is a light compact dolly that can be remotely operated

It is specifically designed for studio integration and AR/VS environment.

C-series machines are fully compatible with all render engines and do not need any external tracking system. Mechanical precision and encoder resolution can output position data more precisely than any other externa l tracking system. Microfilms systems can track camera position on straight track, curve track and elliptical shaped track (non- linear radius).

The Pendor C with track only 2’’ wide, can be deployed and easily integrated in the smallest sets and studios.

A new inverted  telescopic column adds a perfectly stable motorized vertical axis and allows a travel of 4 feet.

Fully compatible with PTZ heads that will then benefit from all Microfilms advanced functions like several machines controlled by a single operator, more precise and fluid controls, movement and position memories.

The Pendor C, compatible with any camera or lens package, can embark a 2/3’’ HD lens up to 160mm with perfect stability.

Lens protocol for Canon, Fujinon, Angenieux and Preston motors as well as camera protocol for Sony, Grass Valley, Canon, Hitachi and Panasonic have all been integrated in the machine protocol.

All machine, camera and lens data are transported over a single power cable or SMPTE optical fiber.

Control over Internet Protocol (COIP) allows machines to communicate over an Ethernet network and opens many new possibilities:

  • A single control desk can control several machines.
  • Data can be transported over an existing Ethernet infrastructure (cable or optical fiber).
  • Easy integration into an IP based remote production setup.
  • Easy integration into an IP based production control room with GPIO or external IP protocol control.

Advanced functions :

A single control desk can control several machines.

A pan compensator allows the Junior to track smoothly from straight to curve track without affecting the camera direction.

A touch screen pad grants access to each axis parameter as well as end stops (speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up etc…).

All movements and axis positions (including zoom and focus) can be memorized and recalled with absolute precision.

A proprietary OSD allows the operator to position over the PGM video feed all axis range and position, zoom and focus indexes, advanced functions status etc…

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