Clique is a french news and entertainement show created and presented by Mouloud Achour. It has been on air on Canal+ since September 2019. Clique TV is its the web based pendant.

Première Fois Productions, Mouloud Achour, Laïla El Mansour et Rudy Taïeb’s production company, took up the challenge to shoot the program in the heart of Paris in a custom-made studio.


One floor below ground, a state of the art production control room is in command of it all.


The video gallery, designed by Cyril Mazouer and his company “BOB”, is equipped with a broadcast VSM controller that can communicate with Microfilms machines. Cyril says the new Dyvi video mixer from EVS is limitless. It controls every screen and LED wall on set and in the gallery and can reconfigure almost instantly the entire production control room to host a new show. Up to 7 different shows can be shot daily.


Microfilms was consulted to motorise all the cameras on set but most importantly to install systems that could be automated, controlled from different locations and by as few control desk as possible.


We decided to provide our client with our 5-series machines because they communicate over IP and all camera, lens and machine data are run through a single SMPTE optical fiber.


Our carbon and aluminum design helped integrating the machines into the black and white set.


Once all machines were connected through the studion IP Network, it became possible to control all machines from the set or the gallery, from one or several joystick consoles or even to launch memorised shots to automate specific camera positions.




Machines of choice:

A large triangle shape table means 3 main camera axis with each a tight and a wide shot.

Each angle is shot by a 5-Series Minimote, a 2 axis hot head (pan and tilt), designed to be easily integrated since all mechanical parts are below the camera plate.


Minimote 5_2 The Minimotes can be set or hung upside down and can embark up to a 400mm HDTV lens with perfect stability. A telescopic column can remotely adjust lens height with silence and stability.
All camera, lens and machine data communicate over IP are run through a SMPTE optical fiber or a single power cord.
The Minimote 5 is fully compatible with all render engines and do not need any external tracking system.


20200408_230457 Our Pendor C would shoot the moving wide shot. The Pendor C is an aerial dolly specifically designed for studio integration and AR/VS environment that can be remotely operated.Just a few weeks before airing the show, we discovered the soon to be studio that was, at that point, just an empty raw space in a parisian building. Installing an aerial dolly was not going to be easy. We managed to rig our track to the building existing steel structure.

To ensure that our client would get the best tracking shots we decided to provide our stabilized aerial dolly

M3 Our Carbon 3-axis Gyro-stabilized head performs flawlessly without any drifting. It is very compact which greatly helps staying small and discreet and out of shots from the other cameras.

As per our client’s request, we implemented our M3 stab head with automation functions. positions and movements can now be memorized and replayed directly from the production control room.


Today, it is possible to control, program or automate any of  the 7 machines from any of our joystick consoles  and from anywhere in the building.