Minimote 5

The Minimote 5 is a 2 axis hot head (pan and tilt).

The Minimote is simply a remotely operated pan & tilt head but with very unique abilities.
It is designed to be easily integrated into a set or a piece of furniture as all mechanical parts are below the camera plate.
Precise mechanical engineering and proprietary motor drives allow the Minimote to embark up to a 400mm HDTV lens with perfect stability.

The Minimote 5 is fully compatible with all render engines and do not need any external tracking system. Mechanical precision and encoder resolution can output position data more precisely than any other external tracking system.
All Canon, Fujinon, Angénieux and Preston motors digital protocol as well as Sony camera data protocol are integrated into the Minimote’s software and fully compatible with Microfilms focus and zoom demands.
The operator control station may be run on batteries so the complete Minimote 5 system can be used without local power.
All machine, camera and lens data can be transported over a single power cable or SMPTE optical fiber.

Control over Internet Protocol (COIP) allows the Minimote  to communicate over an Ethernet network and opens many new possibilities:

  • A single control desk can control several machines.
  • Data can be transported over an existing Ethernet infrastructure (cable or optical fiber).
  • Easy integration into an IP based remote production setup.
  • Easy integration into an IP based production control room with GPIO or external IP protocol control.

Advanced functions

All axis position (including zoom and focus) can be memorized and recalled on demand with absolute precision. The operator may recall pre-established shots or reposition the machine rapidly even when out of sight.
A touch screen user interface allows the operator to gain access to each motor parameter as well as end stops (speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up etc…).
The second monitor integrates a proprietary OSD that allows the operator to position over the PGM video feed all axis position, zoom and focus indexes, advanced functions status etc …

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