Research & development

Microfilms, is not only a rental house specialized in robotic remotely operated camera supports but has been developing and manufacturing its own machines for over 20 years.The business has pushed the R&D team to grow and, today, it has become an essential pillar of the company.The members of the development team come from different sectors and different backgrounds. Unlike most of our competitors, our engineers can apply to our field the high end technical background they have acquired working in the industrial world.The wide range of education and professional background (mechanical engineering, electronics, software design) enables the R & D team to offer innovative solutions to most of the clients’ specific problems..

All electronic cards are manufactured internally by our R&D team, from the design, routing and actual components bonding and testing.

mecanique.03 MECHANICAL                                                                                                                                                   The mechanical design and structural calculation is handled by our mechanical engineers. Mechanical and electronic engineers work together from the early steps of conception to maximize integration and miniaturization of the electromechanical parts.
code SOFTWARE                                                                                                                   Our machine’s software and operating systems are developed by Microfilms’ software engineers.The team can work together at all levels to solve the different problems arising through the development. Our machines are always upgradable and scalable upon the clients needs.
developpement-web-1 WEB                                                                                                                                                   Microfilms involvment in the event business has pushed the R&D team to work in the field of web design. Today, programmers are specialized in “custom made” web and mobile application.

The rental operations are a well of information and feedback for our developers. It is a constant opportunity to test new equipment in a real environment and to profit from the feedback given by technicians and operators regarding prototypes, new versions and advanced functions.

Microfilms has always taken advantage of its experience in the field as a rental house to solve technical issues and to provide to the end users a range of innovative products.

The past few years have been actively spent on the construction of an array of different motorized axis and systems that can be easily assembled to create new machines.

Today is the completion of a five year development phase that brings out a new generation of machines.

Those new machines have taken into account the requirements of today’s environment: fast and simple rigging, intuitive human machine interface (HMI), reliability and compatibility with the latest broadcast electronic equipment (cameras, OB Van, lenses etc. …)

Microfilms products are specifically designed for the broadcast world and their quality, reliability and advanced functions are ahead of the competitors.

The leading products are the Juniors, motorized dollies remotely operated and single operator cranes. Both have operated a revolution within the craft of operating live broadcast grip equipment.

Microfilms also commercializes different optical fiber and data converters stemmed from the technology used in the machines. Today, those products have a strategic position and are unique in there price range.