Joystick Control Station

Joystick Control Station

Microfilms control stations can control one or several machines.

All stations can communicate using wireless link, IP Network or BNC Coax cable (1000m):

  • Wireless links are needed when cables are forbidden: speed track, cablecam or remote locations.
  • Control over Internet Protocol (COIP) communicates over an Ethernet network and opens many new possibilities:
    • A single control desk can control several machines.
    • Data can be transported over an existing Ethernet infrastructure (cable or optical fiber).
    • Easy integration into an IP based remote production setup.
    • Easy integration into an IP based production control room with GPIO or external IP protocol control.
  • Communication over Coax Protocol (COCP) allows data transport up to 1000m over Coax BNC cable, the easiest cable to find on a TV or movie set

All stations may be run on 12v batteries for up to 8 hours.

Pan, tilt, roll, zoom compensators, set ups and advanced functions can be assigned to shortcut buttons.

All axis and lens parameters adjustable via touch screen interface: speed, damping, ramp up and down, end stops, position memories (including zoom and focus).

All axis position (including zoom and focus) can be memorized and recalled with absolute precision. The operator may recall pre-established shots or zoom and focus positions even in the dark.

A proprietary OSD allows the operator to position over a video feed all axis range and position including zoom and focus indexes and advanced functions status

The Pan/Bar is the most precise and intuitive control station.

The Joystick is designed to control several machines and to fit into small workspaces.

In studio environment, the joystick can be used to program the machines and then removed.