Pendor 5

The pendor 5 is a wireless motorised remote aerial dolly on track with a hot head

The Pendor is a wireless compact aerial dolly that can be remotely operated using either 2.4Ghz wireless link, IP Network or BNC Coax cable (300m).

The Pendor will run on four standard camera batteries for 6 hours.

The Pendor system must be hung from a motorised truss system to allow height setting and building from the ground.

Aerial shots become possible with just a 2.5 foot width clearance in the ceiling or through the top lights.

The Pendor, fitted with the same technology as the Junior, guaranties remarkable, fluid and stable shots.

A telescopic column adds a perfectly stable motorized vertical axis enabling the camera a 2’’ vertical move.

Precise mechanical engineering and proprietary motor drives allow the Pendor to embark up to a 160mm lens HDTV lens with perfect stability.

The Pendor is compatible with all cameras and lens which makes it suitable for television as well as motion picture shoots.

All Canon, Fujinon, Angenieux and Preston motors digital protocol as well as Sony camera data protocol are integrated into the Pendor’s software.

The low voltage (12v) operator control station may be run on batteries so the complete Pendor 5 system can be used without local power.

A touch screen user interface allows the operator to gain access to each motor parameter as well as end stops (speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up etc…).

The second monitor integrates a proprietary OSD that allows the operator to position over the PGM video feed all axis position, zoom and focus indexes, advanced functions status etc …

A pan compensator allows the Pendor to track smoothly from straight to curve track without affecting the camera direction.

All axis position (including zoom and focus) can be memorized and recalled on demand with absolute precision. The operator may recall pre-established shots or reposition the machine rapidly even when out of sight.

Advanced functions

The pan compensator allows the Junior to track smoothly from straight to curve track without affecting the camera direction. When the dolly turns on a curve track, compensation data are sent to the pan motor which turns in the opposite direction.
Access to all parameter speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up and end stops.
Access to shortcut buttons to recall operator setups
All axis positions (including zoom and focus) may be memorized and recalled to a perfect match.

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