Motorised Towercam

The motorised dolly embarks the complete towercam on a 62cm (2'') wide dolly track.

The standard towercam may be docked onto a motorised dolly and can track on a standard 2 foot dolly track.
With the combination of horizontal and vertical axis, it becomes possible to achieve impressive aerial shots even in tight spaces forbidden to the smallest of cranes.
The motorised towercam is compatible with all cameras and all lens motors which makes it suitable for television as well as motion picture shoots.
A user interface allows the operator to gain access to each motor parameter as well as end stops (speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up etc…)

Advanced functions

The pan compensator allows the motorised towercam to track smoothly from straight to curve track without changing the camera direction. When the dolly turns on a curve track, compensation data are sent to the pan which turns in the opposite direction.
Access to all parameter speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up and end stops.
Access to shortcut buttons to recall operator setups

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