The tescam is a single operator telescopic carbon crane with a 3-axis hot head (pan, tilt, roll).

The Tescam is the first telescopic crane specifically designed to be used by an operator alone.
The motorized arm is made out of carbon fiber and can be deployed from 2.60m to 6m.
All counterweights and cables are internal to ensure stealth and operator’s safety.
Lightness, easy assembly and short rear end enable the Tescam to fit into places usually forbidden to traditional cranes.

The operator can engage an array of electronic assistance and advanced functions which enable him to shoot with a precision, fluidity and dynamism impossible to achieve with traditional single operator cranes.
A touch screen user interface allows the operator to gain access to each motor parameter as well as end stops (speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up etc…).
The second monitor integrates a proprietary OSD that allows the operator to position over the PGM video feed all axis position, zoom and focus indexes, advanced functions status etc …
All axis position (including zoom and focus) can be memorized and recalled on demand with absolute precision. The operator may recall pre-established shots or zoom and focus positions even in the dark.

The Tescam is specifically designed to be used in a live broadcast multi camera environment with fast and easy setup, mobility, fully HD equipped, data link with OB Van via Coax BNC, IP Network or optical fiber.

The Tescam, when fitted with light cameras like Red Epic, Canon C300, Arri Alexa M, is the perfect tool for most motion picture shoots.

Advanced functions

All head and lens parameters are accessible to the operator via color touch pad screen.
All set ups and advanced functions can be assigned to shortcut buttons
Parameters of speed, damping, acceleration, deceleration, position memory are accessible for all axis (including zoom and focus)
A proprietary OSD allows the operator to position over the PGM video feed all axis range and position, zoom and focus indexes, advanced functions status etc…
Pan, tilt, roll and zoom compensator.

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