Junior sport

The junior sport is a high speed remote motorised dolly on track with a hot head

The Junior Sport is a compact high speed dolly that can be remotely operated from a distance of up to 150 meters.

The Junior Sport is specifically designed for sports and situations where the operator needs speed and perfect grip to change direction rapidly like soccer, rugby or basketball.

The Microfilms drive system and its Carbon Kevlar cable ensure constant traction and the system remains fully operational even under rain or snow.

A user interface allows the operator to gain access to each motor parameter as well as end stops (speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up etc…).

This level of stability and fluidity at high speed is made possible by the precise tuning of each motor by the operator.

A stabilized lens is an added comfort for the operator and allows even greater speed with a tighter focal lens.

The Junior Sport is compatible with all cameras and all lens motors which makes it suitable for television as well as motion picture shoots.

Advanced functions

Access to all parameter speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up and end stops.
Automatic deceleration and end stops at the end of the track with added damping control.
Access to shortcut buttons to recall operator setups

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